Stir Fried Product #4

Writer/Artist: Mathew J Pallett

Format: B&W Anthology, 36 pages UPC: 8 37654 32806 4 0411

The Kawakiri continues in the fourth issue of Stir Fried Product. What does a random shoot out at a bar have to do with a military coup d'état, and how are these separate events related to the man known as Krogshoj?

100% Sky was an entry in the Embassy of Japan in the UKs MANGA JIMAN competition. As Japan is often referred to as the 'Land of the Rising Sun' it was important that the story should in some way make reference to the 'sun'.

Girls Be Ambitious introduces the character of Sun and the bizarre sequence of events that led to her working in a Qipao themed restaurant.

Plus fun trivia & character profiles.

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