Stir Fried Product #3

Writer/Artist: Mathew J Pallett

Format: B&W Anthology, 36 pages UPC: 8 37654 32806 4 0311

Quantity X: Random Call - Following a series of unsetting dreams, Kathryn experiences a strange series of events that begin when she receives a call on her cellphone, but the batteries in her cellphone had just run out.

Dice Key - A five page story based on a pun of the Japanese word 'daisuki' which translates as 'I love you so much!' Although this is anything BUT a straightforward love story.

Quantity X: Agent X - Stranded in remote arctic conditions with less than four hours to live, X's only motivation to stay alive is finding a cure for his seven year old daughter Kathryn.

Stir Fried Product #3 is available from Indy Planet ©2015 Mathew J Pallett