Stir Fried Product #1

Writer/Artist: Mathew J Pallett

Format: B&W Anthology, 36 pages UPC: 8 37654 32806 4 0111

A new Dope - A dark comedy wherein a man wanders the desert searching for a man, a 'farmboy' with a special destiny.

The Kawakiri - Krogshoj, the man with the unpronounceable name finds himself caught in a fire fight between two disparate groups while drinking at a bar, while making his escape he stumbles into a concealed military complex where he discovers the young woman known as Anne XIII.

The Phantom Syndrome - An abstract comedy featuring a man who believes he is Hanzo Hattori, a famous ninja from Japanese history, an easily distracted comic illustrator & a mysterious ghost that appears to be haunting a newly constructed garden shed.

Stir Fried Product #1 is available from Indy Planet ©2015 Mathew J Pallett